While hundreds of people each week are willing to cast aside outdated stigmas associated with cannabis to find natural healing remedies, the whole process (and product line) can be overwhelming. Sacred Garden works with certifying doctors to help you complete your MCP registration and a staff doctor is available for consultations to ensure you get the right cannabis products for your needs.




Before you can legally purchase and use cannabis products for medical conditions, you must be registered with the New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program. To complete your application, you must be certified by a doctor.

Sacred Garden makes it easy for you to schedule an evaluation with a certifying doctor. Albuquerque Integrative Medicine (AIM) offers appointments at our Santa Fe dispensary, so you may simply click here to schedule. For prospective patients in Albuquerque, you may call AIM 505-503-8962 to schedule an evaluation.

Please note: Once you receive your MCP registration card, you need to register yourself as a patient with Sacred Garden before you can purchase our products.


Medical cannabis is available in a wide variety of dosing methods, including:

  • Smoking

  • Capsules

  • Edibles

  • Tinctures

  • Topicals

Which one is best for you?

All members of our team are knowledgeable about the healing properties of cannabis and our products. Anyone of our team can help you compare products or recommend new applications for an enhanced experience.

To find the cannabis products that can soothe your body and mind,
Visit our Santa Fe or Albuquerque dispensaries.