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Canna-Caps were made to heal. They are also made for people with certain dietary restrictions that can not find anything ton our edibles menu that they can ingest. They are made with Vegan capsules, organic hemp seed oil, and honey hash oil. They have been proven to help people with stomach issues, anxiety, depression, muscle/ joint pain, appetite stimulation and sleep aid.

We always recommend doing a small amount and seeing how it feels, then if need be moving onto a larger dose as time goes on.

12mg caps – $2.25 ea. (Sativa, Indica, CBD/Hybrid, CBD)
30mg caps – $4.20 ea. (Sativa, Indica, CBD/Hybrid, CBD)
50mg caps – $7.10 ea. (Sativa, Indica, CBD/Hybrid, CBD)
100mg caps – $12.00 ea. (Hybrid)

We have also started to carry 100% CBD products. For the capsule variety we offer 12mg, 25mg and 50mg. Being that these are 100% CBD, we can sell these over the counter to NON-MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENTS!!!

Patient testimonial:
“To all those who are suffering with pain and chose not to smoke cannabis the “Canna Caps,” are worth a try.  I had a bout of serious pain in October through December of 2014.  I didn’t know what to do…  I was having hip pain, swelling in my lower part of my legs & abdominal pain.  The doctors didn’t know what I should do.  I went for massage & physical therapy too.  I was recommended to try the Canna Caps for my symptoms.  It pretty much instantly relieved my aliments.  I truly recommend the “Canna Caps,” for those who are suffering with pain…  May you too have success of being without pain.”